Maggie's Life

The Timeline of Maggie's Life

 Maggie's Birth:

Maggie was born in 1994, and from the very beginning my mother knew that she was special.  She was potty-trained very quickly, and in the dog classes she took with my mother, she progressed much faster than dogs that were two or three years older than her!  She finished all the courses, and the trainers recommended that she continued to take courses as a talent dog, such as obstacle courses, but my mom decided not to go into that business.

So she raised Maggie with my dad.  And then I was born. Maggie immediately treated me as her equal, and loved me unconditionally.  I'm sure I was very annoying as a young child, constantly crawling onto her back and pulling her fur.  She never once snapped at me.  She was the sweetest, most gentle dog in the world.  

Moving to Tucson:

When we moved to Tucson, I was older, and began taking Maggie on walks by myself.  I got very attached and close to her.  I felt as if me and Maggie had a special connection, and my favorite part of the day was getting to walk Maggie.  I could talk to her about anything, tell her all my problems, and she never criticized me.  She always listening, and she was my favorite person to talk to whenever I was feeling down.  She could always make me feel better, nudging me with her head and waggling her tail and staring at me with beady eyes..Maggie made me happy when I was sad.  She was there for me no matter what.  She was my best friend.

But she was slowly declining in health.

Decline in Health:

Maggie was slowly getting worse and worse as her age got older.  The vet found numerous tumors, and although he presumed they weren't cancerous, it was still a danger.  He believed that she would only another 6 months at the most.  Maggie would end up going more than a year over this death sentence.  I tried to take her old age lightly, jokingly calling her old girl or old fart, but I secretly feared that my time with her was coming to an end.  During our walks, I was no longer the one getting pulled by her.  I had to walk at a snails pace to keep from dragging her along she was so slow and feeble.  She no longer was interested in playing fetch.  This scared me.  Maggie had a lot of pain in her hips, often dragging her rear legs behind her.

Maggie's Last Days:

The pain in Maggie's hips was getting worse.  She could barely walk now, and was dragging herself and pacing all around all night. My parents told me it was time..I cried all night, and got no sleep.  The next morning, me and my brother had to say our goodbyes to Maggie. I tried to smile and be happy as I told her that I will always love her and that she will never be forgotten.  Then I had to go to school.  Maggie died peacefully on August 22, 2009, held in my parents' arms.

My Life After Maggie:

My life was shattered.  I came home every day to an empty home.  Maggie had been my best friend, and there was no longer anyone there.  I decided that Maggie wasn't really gone, because she lived on in me and the other people that loved her.  Maybe someday, when my time comes to an end, I will be reunited with her.  I miss her so much.  

And to let other people know what a great dog Maggie was, I dedicate this website to her, the memory of Maggie, the best dog that this world has ever seen.                                    

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